About Us

Comit Plastic Pte Ltd was established in 1998. It started out as a trading company focusing on industrial and performance grade plastic sheets and films used for printing, vacuum forming, electronic insulation and packaging. With our commitment to excellence, we slowly earned the trust of our customers, expanding our client base which spans over the course of several years.

Today, Comit Plastic Pte Ltd is a distributor and stockist for various types of plastic sheets and films, including adhesive tapes, insulation fabrics and rubbers. We represent several reputable brands in the market and are given exclusive and authorized distributorships in ASIA.

We believe in providing our customers with only the best quality plastic sheets and plastic films based on each customer's operational requirements. Over the years, we focus mainly on the high quality optical grade plastic; non-halogen engineering plastic for insulation and graphic printing and high performance plastic for different industry including automotive and electronics. We also provide a wide range of value added services including logistic management, sourcing and plastic conversion to our customers to enhance their buying experience and stay with us.

Our goal is to become every customer’s “FIRST CHOICE” supplier.

We want to be the company people choose to do business with because they know we help customers select the right material and we help solve their problems. It is our ultimate aim to offer one-stop solutions to customers and contribute to their business growth in the near future.

Comit Plastics Pte Ltd