Adhesive Tapes

Comit Plastic Pte Ltd carries a comprehensive line of Double coated tapes, Single coated, and Adhesive transfer tape. Our dependable brands can stick any type of materials together. These include wood, glass, plastic, foam, metal and more. We have tapes that can be used for permanent applications, those that require repositioning over the course of time and more. Each brand of double sided tape we carry has a high level of strength, making every item suitable for any of your applications. These tapes are available in various colors, sizes and dimensions.

Dexerials Corporations

Dexerials has combined bonding and coating technologies to develop specialized products for a variety of applications. Our line of double-coated, adhesive transfer and single-coated tapes contains products for use with a variety of materials —including metal, plastic or uneven surfaces. Our specialty tapes cover a variety of applications in electronics, assembly, automotive and other markets.


3M Tapes are well-known for their innovation and creativity. In COMIT, we have been distributing 3M single and double side tapes for electronic parts. From time to time, we have explored and expand more products lines with 3M to offer more range of products to our valued customers.


DIC provides adhesive tapes that meet various needs for the electronic and automotive fields based on our synthetic and coating technology. DIC has succeeded in developing an industrial double-coated adhesive tape with low smell and low VOCs. The high performance emulsion-type adhesive and the high strength base material have achieved excellent adhesive strength and easy strength.


Nitto tapes offer a wide range of double sided tapes that provide excellent bonding between metal, plastic and other various components. It is widely use in bonding display nameplates and other such applications where bonding is needed.
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