Polycarbonate (PC) Film & Sheets

Polycarbonate (PC) films are integral components beneficial in a variety of industries, including automotive, telecommunications, appliances and more. These products are extremely volatile, making them viable for use in a lot of applications.They can be easily formed yet they boast of heat-resistant and impact-resistant properties, elasticity and overall toughness. Our inventory of polycarbonate films consists of transparent as well as translucent and opaque films, different glosses, textures, grades and thickness.  Whatever material you need for any application, you can find it at Comit Plastic Pte Ltd.

Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd

Sunloid PC sheets and films feature remarkable properties in clarity, heat resistance, impact strength and available for surface coating grade widely recognized to all printing methods like silk printing, offset printing and insulation purposes. Applications include nameplate and home appliances insulation.

  1. "SUNLOID" PC Eco-Sheets are environmental friendly flame retardant polycarbonate sheet for electrical insulation use. Without using halogen family additives, it offers UL certified excellent flame retardant properties. Both translucent and black opaque colors are available.
  2. "SUNLOID" PC Eco-Sheet V series are environmental friendly polycarbonate sheets for electrical insulation purpose, with halogen-free and phosphorus-free ingredients. It offers not only UL certified good flame retardancy, but also excellent anti-static properties.
  3. "SUNLOID" PC EC Series has excellent transparency. They come in clear, colored or texture surface for better printability and clarity properties. Thickness varies from 0.1mm to 1.5mm.

Sabic Innovative

SABIC's Specialty Film & Sheet offers high-quality engineered thermoplastic films across a wide variety of industries. Highly functional LEXAN™ film products are used for automotive products, lighting applications, anti-fog lens products, LED/LCD displays, battery packs, ID cards and much more.
  1. Clear Hard coated polycarbonate films offering excellent abrasion resistance for scratching, optical clarity and excellent impact resistance.
  2. Clear/Opaque LEXAN FR films are flame retardant polycarbonate materials that offer consistent properties for insulation and printability.
  3. ECO LEXAN PC are UL-compliant, films deliver non-brominated, nonchlorinated, flame-retardant performance at various gauges.

Suzhou OMAY Optical Materials Co., Ltd.

Suzhou OMAY Optical Materials Co., Ltd. established in 2003, and joint ventures with Japanese technology. Suzhou Omay emphasizes on researching and developing the polycarbonate film and sheet for the advanced market include electronic and printing industry. Omay PC offers a wide range of PC products at competitive pricing around the world.

  1. OMAY SE & U Series focus on FR / ECO FR PC that widely apply to electronic and electrical appliances.
  2. OMAY G series are designed for application includes nameplate and windows. They come in high transparency and textured surface for any printing application.
  3. OMAY OM11 also offer optical clear PC and OMF11 come with UL V0 grade which suitable to high demand specification.

PANLITE® Polycarbonate (PC) Film & Sheets

Teijin Panlite offers a variety of grades are offered, from general purpose, optical, glassfiber reinforced, carbon-fiber reinforced, non-halogenic, and UV, flame, wear and impact resistant.
  1. Standard Panlite® film comes with clear transparent or embossed finish, commonly used for nameplates and display control panels.
  2. Panlite® also carry Eco FR PC used in parts for electrical and electronic appliances, business machines, precision machinery, medical appliances, safety equipment, housewares, etc.
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