Comit Plastic Pte Ltd value our customers by providing a wide range of value added services that includes plastic film converting services, logistic management, sourcing and technical support.

Material Conversion

We are able to provide film products converted to your most demanding specifications, whether its in rolls, sheets, pads or packs.

  • Plastic Film Trimming & Plastic Sheeting
  • Plastic Film Laminating
  • Plastic Film Slitting & Rewinding
  • Plastic Film Packaging

Materials Sourcing

COMIT will try our best to help customers source for all type of materials includes industrial, automotive, semi-con, printing materials to even building materials. We want out customer to experience a one –stop logistic shopping experience with us!

Logistics Management

Comit Plastic helps to plan and arrange your shipment and transportation. In COMIT, we practice delivery on time and follow up with planning of materials. You are safe in our hands!

Material Technical Support

Comit Plastic will always be there to help you with your material technical problems and provide you a fast response time with detail information as and when you needed.

Comit Plastics Pte Ltd